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World Environment Day 2020

This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature and Compassion

We are living in unprecedented times. The year 2020 began with environmental crisis unfolding itself in a disturbing manner. Wild bushfires ravaged more than five million hectares of forests and land space in Australia. Cyclones and floods washed away trees and buildings. Now, there are locust attacks across Africa and India and the coronavirus pandemic around the World — all these calamities act as a reminder that human health is linked to the planet’s health.

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 05 to help us rethink our relationship with the living world, with natural ecosystems and their biodiversity.

The theme of World Environment 2020 is ‘celebrating biodiversity’ — a concern that is both urgent and existential. The fact is that the current environmental crisis is a warning that we must heed collectively.

Social Innovation Park (SIP), a not-for-profit social enterprise in Singapore envisions to co-build a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world. We are living in uncertain and chaotic times wherein there is a pressing need for mindful leaders to co-create a better and equitable world. Social Innovation Park strives as a movement to create changemakers across people, private and public sectors by educating, empowering and enhancing their skills and knowledge through SIP’s different platforms for change.

SIP thus makes a clarion call to all of you and invites you to observe a minute of silence to open our hearts with kindness, love and compassion towards self and all living beings around us. Let us come together as a community to take responsible positive actions this World Environment Day to rethink and establish symbiotic relationship with the living world.

SIP, through its recently launched platform #SIPUnitedCares initiative, has been conducting a webinar series as an effort to help people, businesses and communities thrive beyond COVID-19. Join us in our upcoming webinar session on June 11, 2020, which focuses on introducing participants to eco-therapy and understanding the positive benefits of connecting with nature.

Together we can act #ForNature


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