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How do we create a new incentive model, to do good and do well?

This was Ms. Penny Low’s, SIP Founder's burning question which ignited the genesis of SEED. 

From Vacant Plot to Social Playground 

Ms.Penny Low's vision materialized with the discovery of a 2-hectare vacant plot in Punggol, which SItransformed

into an inclusive space for social innovation in 2016. SEED was conceived as a social enterprise

and a social innovator hub, extending its influence beyond Asia.



The "Social Contract" Model

SEED pioneered an innovative “social contract” with all its tenants, where all tenants are asked to

support a particular social mission of their choice, where in return, they would receive business and financial support.

This experiment yielded remarkable success, empowering numerous businesses to

achieve returns to people, planet and profit. 

Uniting Fun with Purpose

 SEED as a  pioneering social enterprise hub in Asia

provided a for social entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities to convene

within this “great social playground,” fostering collaboration, experimentation,

and the prototyping of solutions to prevalent social challenges.

Since then, SEED has collaborated with its partners to amplify their social impact, 

impacting about 13.2 million individuals and

incubated 47 social entrepreneurs and technopreneurs.

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Over the years, SEED has evolved into an integrated social ecosystem where entrepreneurs, communities,

residents, and families foster cross-pollination of ideas and drive innovative solutions,

cultivating a dynamic and robust social innovation community.


SEED's Impact in Singapore

SEED's impressive track record includes incubating seven social mission-driven restaurants, all founded by first-time marginalized entrepreneurs. It also created Singapore's first dinosaur park, enriched with 'edutainment' online modules of social causes, in addition to commercial and community farms, recreational activities featuring Traditional Archers, Knowledge Quest, and Uncle Ringo, among other offerings.


SEED quickly gained acclaim, earning a place on the Singapore Tourism Board's

list of top destinations where the community and locals unite and spend time.

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Social Innovation Park's SEED project featured on Channel 8

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Join Social Innovation Park in co-creating a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world. 

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