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SIP Chapters

Incubating Tomorrow's Changemakers Worldwide

SIP Student Chapters incubates youth change-makers in various tertiary institutions in an advisory role when they plan activities in their universities and polytechnics, and also engaging them to be our volunteers

for large scale events like GSIF.  SIP also co-organizes student camps or seminars to

educate and enrich them on innovation and tech-for-good


Connecting Youth Globally for Positive Change

The aim of SIP Chapters is to create platforms worldwide that support the exchange for ideas, network and innovations to build a more inclusive, sustainable and better world.  Each chapter plays an active role by developing the social entrepreneurship movement in their local or school community, contributing in to the success of the social entrepreneurship movement worldwide.

Local Impact, Global Reach

SIP began forming SIP Chapters at major institutes of higher learning in Singapore in 2007.

Each SIP Chapter in Singapore is a student-led movement to promote Social Entrepreneurship

and Innovation.  Foreign leaders catalyze change in their local or school communities

through International SIP Chapters.


The first International SIP Chapter was founded at Yale University, USA in Fall 2007. 

Since then, International Chapters have started at Fudan University, China (2008),

and in Japan (2008), Kashmir (2008), and Indonesia (2008).


SIP Chapters Projects

SIP Chapters initiate their own projects and events and also partner with SIP, social entrepreneurs and the public and private sector on meaningful projects. Past projects have included speaking events with Singapore Social Entrepreneurs of the Year, organizing a social enterprise Bazaar similar to SIP’s

PaTH Market, running a social enterprise business plan competition,

developing online platforms, and creating or assisting a social enterprise.

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SIP Empower For Good

Mentorship for Career Transition

In collaboration with J.P. Morgan, Social Innovation Park launched SIP Empower for Good, an innovative mentoring programme to better prepare students for careers transition. This programme provides training and mentorship to students in the field of information and communications technology and engineering, and will be facilitated in conjunction with school’s coursework.

Extensive Network of Industry Partners

SIP engages its extensive network of industry partners for mentorship opportunities for the students, and

supports the needs of Singapore’s labour force as the nation transitions to a knowledge-based economy.

Through this programme, the students will become more self-aware, explore what they want in life,

as they strive to achieve their aspirations and take responsibility for their career and life goals.

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For more information and to sign up for our Mindfulness programmes, reach out to us!

Join Social Innovation Park in co-creating a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world. 

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