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Leading your teams and organizations through uncertainty with a mindful approach

Stang-up Meeting

 Leaders in the 21st century will see and experience

accelerating changes, disruptions and challenges.


Our Mindful Leadership programme will equip leaders to discover the

power and potential within themselves to you unlock their

innate qualities of calm, clarity, creativity, and compassion.


It's not about what you know, but about cultivating the right mindset for impactful leadership and putting it into action. Social Innovation Park helps you do just that in this journey of knowing to doing to being and elevating your life and enhancing your well-being,

both inside your workplace and outside in the world.

9 Programme Modules 

Leadership Skills : Basic leadership skills necessary for the 21st century


Master Wise Decisions

Begin with the
End in Mind

Influence and Persuasion

The Power of Empathy

Negotiate to "Yes"

Neuroplasticity : Support brain’s neuroplasticity and development to
accelerate learning, enhance EQ and creativity

Master the
Monkey Brain

Unleash your Creative Genius

L.E.A.D With Nature

For more information and to sign up for our Mindfulness programmes, reach out to us!

Join Social Innovation Park in co-creating a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world. 

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