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A 1 year programme to forge your path to leadership excellence 

Student Portrait

The Next Gen Global Leadership Program is a year-long programme to empower next gen leaders with impactful mentors and immersive global experiences and mindful leadership retreats, designed to prepare emerging global leaders for the unique challenges and opportunities of the future. 

This program equips participants with the skills, knowledge, network and mindset necessary to lead in a rapidly changing world, fostering adaptability, innovation, resilience and mindful leadership.

Impactful Mentors 

Be mentored by globally recognized leaders who have both made their mark in industry and created positive impact where they are committed to providing you mentorship, guidance and advice on a one-to-one consistent basis.

Global Learning Journeys

Expand your worldview and horizon by embarking on specially curated learning journeys to meet with global leaders, participate in forums, learn from the greatest minds, and create your network of impact. 

Mindful Leadership Retreats

A transformative and introspective experience that empowers individuals to embark on a profound self-exploration and self-mastery journey, offering a precious opportunity to press the ‘pause button’ with effective methods to re-centre and destress, think and see clearly, and make effective plans and goals aligned with one's own purpose, all while gaining the insights and tools to effectively and impactfully lead through uncertainty through mindful leadership. 

For more information and to sign up for our Mindfulness programmes, reach out to us!

Join Social Innovation Park in co-creating a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world. 

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