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PATH has transformed lives by nurturing and empowering

creative talents from marginalized groups to create their own social enterprises.


Through the initiative, PaTH talents gain access to mentors, networks, and large-scale

commercial sales platforms that give them opportunities to develop

their talents to launch a sustainable business venture.

Singapore's First Ever Talent Development

Platform for Social Enterprises

With popular commercial mall partners like Vivocity, Westgate and Somerset 313,

PaTH was the first to introduce the flea market concept into shopping malls

when it started in 2006.


Other campaigns such as Art with Heart and Gifts for Good were also promoted to the masses.


Through this platform, PaTH talents are empowered to gain financial independence

and confidence, while the public benefits from their interactions with

the underprivileged and appreciate giving as a meaningful lesson.

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For more information and to sign up for our Mindfulness programmes, reach out to us!

Join Social Innovation Park in co-creating a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world. 

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