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Catalyzing Social Impact

GSIF, launched in 2006, is a pioneering platform where global and regional leaders unite to drive positive social innovation and impact, transcending traditional boundaries

between the Private, Public, and People Sectors.

Innovation in Collaboration

Unlike typical conferences, GSIF fosters active engagement by breaking down barriers between speakers and delegates. It's designed to spark collaboration and

cross-pollination of ideas, encouraging innovative solutions to

economic, social, and political challenges.

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs

GSIF not only drives thought leadership but also hosts social enterprise accelerator programs in collaboration with renowned organizations like McKinsey and Accenture.

This helps nurture social entrepreneurs and amplify their impact on society.

Recognizing Global Changemakers

GSIF also serves as a global platform to honor SIP Distinguished Fellows and SIP Fellows who have leveraged their influence to create positive change, setting examples

for others and contributing to societal well-being.

Unique Features of GSIF 


Engaging corporations

beyond "doing good" :

How inclusive business models are becoming a route to success

Big Ideas! Labs

Designing for the future : Workshops and brainstorming sessions on successful

social entrepreneurship models


Capacity Building :

Social entrepreneurs learn critical skillsets and

business toolkits

to equip themselves

Inclusive Arts Showcase

A Stage to the World :

A convergence of artistic expressions from artists with a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

Social Innovators Accelerator (SIA) Course 

Mentoring for the next step : Successful leaders of businesses and foundations engaging social entrepreneurs looking to scale their ventures


Connecting minds :

Building networks of individuals

to propel social innovation, entrepreneurship and

thought leadership

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"There is something so unique about GSIF - It is a magical experience that
enhances the life of every delegate and speaker who attends the event.
Business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and government leaders learn from
each other through panels, workshops and firePITCH SPOTLIGHT sessions
on how social enterprises and innovations can enhance the work
that they do and grow their industry.
As a SIP Distinguished Fellow, I am proud to be honoured by an organisation
so dedicated to creating opportunities for every individual
to create positive social change in their community"

- Jet Li, Founder of One Foundation | Actor | Martial Artist 

"This Forum is a wonderful networking opportunity, bringing together successful social entrepreneurs and those who are still
nurturing their dreams and aspirations." 

- Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Former Minister of State,

Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports

"This Forum (GSIF) is actually like a lovely micro-cosmic version of the Renaissance. It's people from around the world coming around, focusing on creativity, thinking about it, wanting to develop your own creativity with the help of others and multiplying it. So that the future of the world, or nation first, would be the kind of future everybody wants."

- Tony Buzan, Popular Psychology Author, Inventor of Mind Mapping

"GSIF was an eye opener for me. The enthusiasm of the various participants to develop businesses which address social causes and at the same time being viable was truly motivating. It gave me a lot to think about - it was not just the topics discussed but also the people that we met.
The experience was unique."

- Poh Mui Hoon, Co-Founder of Esseplore

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Prominent GSIF Movers & Shakers

and many more!

For more information and to sign up for our Mindfulness programmes, reach out to us!

Join Social Innovation Park in co-creating a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world. 

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