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The Great Social Playground

Social Innovation Park (SIP) is proud to announce the launch of The Great Social Playground physical space, under our #SIPSEEDTheChange Campaign.

The Great Social Playground combines both SOCIAL + PLAYGROUND. SOCIAL: Social organisations and partners championing their social causes and values; PLAYGROUND: SEED is both an experimentation ground for social businesses, and a meaningful and fun space for the community, supported by our social enterprise partner Uncle Ringo.

SIP envisions a “Great Social Playground” that promotes social stewardship and values its access to everyone from various physical and economic backgrounds. This is where families, the young and the old can gather to experience a vision of an inclusive, sustainable and mindful world at SIP’s Social Entrepreneurship & Eco-park Development (SEED).

Beyond the rides, expect to learn, enact, support and immerse yourself when you come down to enjoy SEED@SIP located in Punggol! ⠀

Check it out HERE!

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