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SIP was invited by Republic Polytechnic for a sharing on Social Innovation & Creativity

The SIP Tech for Good Team, Elisabetta Jiang and Alina Chia, shared about the development of social innovation and its impact on cultivating a vibrant and thriving social innovation ecosystem through the many platforms we offer, as an amalgam of entrepreneurship in incubating novel ideas with a social cause.

Highlighting that social enterprises are just one model for social innovation, we shared more extensive references from the book – Top 50 Social Innovations Changing Our World – some of which are innovations that are policy innovations that have resulted in a significant social impact and change in the society, such as the CPF and HDB ethnic quota policies in Singapore.

Various change models across our platforms are shared – Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED), Global Social Innovation Forum (GSIF) and SIP Academy were implemented with the vision to create high impact collaborations with the 3P (People, Private, Public) stakeholders to bring about positive social change to the society. For instance, our newest platform Technology for Good Global Alliance seeks to be the generation of conscious decision makers, transforming all technology, for greater good; and our knowledge arm SIP Academy, is similarly anchored in the science of mindfulness, to support leaders and changemakers to cultivate a positive mindset shift to make more conscious and mindful decisions for a better tomorrow.

The SIP team strongly believes that sharing knowledge and expertise with educational institutions can foster community engagement and educational impact, ensuring that students’ learning environments are aligned with societal improvement.

The students actively inquired about social entrepreneurship and innovation, with some expressing a desire to launch their own social enterprises in the future. They were also interested about SIP’s role in cultivating a vibrant and thriving social innovation ecosystem. The insightful session came to a close with an invitation to the students to join the meaningful movement by volunteering and partnering with us on our platforms for positive change.

If you’d like to learn more about SIP’s latest projects, SIP Academy’s mindfulness based courses and learning journeys, drop us a note at



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