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SIP hosted LVU to learn about SGs Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship ecosystem

Social Innovation park proudly hosted Dr. Ieva Adomaityte-Subaciene, and Ignas Subačius from Vilnius University, Lithuania to visit and learn about Singapore’s social innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem environment at various Social Enterprises and organisations. During their visit to several higher education institutions, non-profit organisations, social enterprises and start-ups, they had insightful discussions with SIP and host organisations on social policies, supporting programmes, and the role of institutions in promoting social innovation in Singapore and Lithuania.

As one of the fastest growing innovators in Europe, the Vilnius University team, was excited to learn about the best practices of social innovation here. These host organisations have created a favourable environment for the development of innovative frameworks, emphasising the significance of innovation across the 3Ps – people, public and private, and have propelled the social innovation landscape to new heights.

“The progress at Social Innovation Park has been notable in the promotion of social innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore and on global platforms, starting out as initiatives that have effectively transformed into long-term sustainable projects. Throughout the years, a heightened sense of social consciousness has also germinated among the partners at our Social Playground, which has had a positive impact on individuals and communities” says Ms Penny Low , the founder of Social Innovation Park.

Potential collaborations were also explored during the visit where all parties corroborated the view that accelerating entrepreneurship ecosystem require the participation of multiple stakeholders to propagate the effectiveness and sustainability of social innovation.

Thank you the following institutions and organizations who supported us on this learning visit: Enabling Village, Insectta, National University of Singapore, Pick & GO, Singapore Management University, Singapore Institute of Technology



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