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Pay-As-You-Can Breakfast@SEED

As part of the #SIPSEEDTheChange campaign, together with our supporting partners Clean Solutions, Chang Cheng and Koufu, we organised a community initiative “Pay As You Can Breakfast” to encourage the community to share in the spirit of giving especially as the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, where we distributed breakfast sets to the marginalised living in Punggol with our PAY-AS-YOU-CAN Breakfast event. We managed to hold 3 successful runs, each session started at 9 AM – 11 AM on the 4 September, 4 December and 11 December; this despite the uncertainty around the tightening of COVID-19 measures.

This initiative also invited members of the public to join us in our community initiative to takeaway breakfast sets and pay at a price you are willing / have the ability to pay, and partake in our PAY-IT-FORWARD initiative that provides an opportunity for all to perform the simple act of kindness to sponsor a breakfast set for a beneficiary. This could be done either by choosing to pay for more meals if your means allow you to, or participating in our social media initiative where SIP will be sponsoring breakfast sets for beneficiaries for every shoutout on one’s personal social media.

We also partnered with community partners Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) Social Service Office and Punggol Family Service Centre (FSC), where we are able to reach out to more than 300 households in the Punggol vicinity to encourage family bonding and to remain engaged with opportunities. Each contacted beneficiary were given vouchers where they were able to exchange for sponsored breakfast sets when they came down to SEED as well as receive Uncle Ringo tokens where they could have some fun as a family and take some rides at Uncle Ringo’s amusement park @SEED.

Other than collecting Koufu’s breakfast sets, attendees could also participate in our fun activity, Bingo Challenge. The Bingo Challenge was a mini collaboration we did with our Great Social Playground (GSP), to further promote our partnership with the 9 social organisations and the social causes they champion. Each participant was given a Bingo sheet where they had to solve the questions by finding the answers on the social causes boards parked around SEED and get 3 boxes in a row to win a small prize. Many families had an interesting day of learning different social causes and had fun bonding together as they explored SEED to solve the questions together as a family.

Overall, We had 3 successful runs over the course of 4 months and distributed a total of 450 breakfast sets! Thank you to all the attendees and our volunteers and our supporting partners for either gracing us with your presence or supporting our initiative in one way or another. We hope to bring you more of such meaningful events in the near future, and remain open to collaboration with like-minded organisations- contact us if you are interested! Stay safe and tuned to our social media platforms or sign up to our newsletter for more updates.

Join us in creating a more mindful, inclusive and sustainable world!

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