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Minister Indranee Rajah Visits SEED@SIP

We were honoured to host Minister Indranee Rajah, and her team from the Ministry of Finance, Tote Board, together with ambassadors from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), as they visit SEED @ SIP on the 28th December 2018. Our founder, Ms Penny Low, gave the welcome address and shared her vision for SIP and SEED. Excitement heightens as the sharing delved deeper into social innovation and possibilities of future collaborations.

Outdoor Adventures at SEED@SIP

It was followed by a tour around SEED, which includes our Event Space (Visitor Center), our Corporate and Community Farm Plots, and Container Restaurants.

Our Visitor Center, which is also one of our Event Spaces, is opened up for rent if you are looking for a unique event space. With a size of 120sqm, the visitor center can hold a 100pax in a seminar style. Everyone was in love with the scenic view and nature’s vibes that was surrounding the space.

Win Sheng, one of our Corporate Farm Plots, was thrilled to receive Minister Indranee and her team. On the hand, the team was even more thrilled to see the different species of beautifully homegrown plants, their well-built butterfly garden and the many fishes that swarmped towards the suface of the fish pond during their during feeding time. Not only is Win Sheng open for free mini-tours within their farm, but they also conduct workshops that are certified by Skills Future.

Edmund Sim from ACAM Aquaponics, another Corporate Farm Plots of ours, gave Minister Indranee and her team, a brief introduction of the closed loop ecosystem of aquaponics. Edmund also conducts aquaponics farming lessons for individuals, groups, and families, as well as WDA courses. He also offers services such as developing aquaponics systems for homes, schools, companies.

Darren Ng, our youngest Community Farm Plot owner, showcased his variety of carnivorous plants which he has been passionately growing. They include the different families of the Venus Flytrap, Byblis, Drosera Falconeri, Sarracenia and many more.

Lastly, Minister Indranee and the team headed to the Container Restaurants, where they learned about the different social mission each restaurant has adopted into their businesses. Dinner was served at L’Chiam Bistro. Everyone had their satisfying fill – a splendid way to end a Friday’s evening!

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