L’Chaim Bistro

Social Mission Message: Enable Equal Opportunity

We are: a container restaurant that focuses on East meets West fusion cuisine, with ‘Peranakan Curry Chicken’ as the signature dish, to cater to the tastebuds of both young and old. L’Chaim, which stands for ‘To Life’ in Hebrew, is inspired by sustainable vineyards and farms. What sets us apart from others is our insistence on deciding the menu only after sourcing the freshest ingredients in the marketplace on a daily basis. We believe in preparing adequate amounts of food so that there is zero waste. Any extra food will be shared with the team. We also offer craft beers from Archipelago Brewery.

Why we’re here: L’Chiam loves to encourage the joy of large group gatherings and communal dining because this is what they stand for – to bring togetherness, hearty dining to family and friends and celebrate the abundance in life. That’s why you will see long tables that can sit up to 12 people in their restaurant. Amy Lee, the owner of L’Chaim, comes from a family of female F&B business owners. She believes that the F&B industry, tough as it is, has a space for females to stand out too. L’ Chaim offers job opportunities to single mothers and works closely with AWARE

This is my impact: We provide a conducive dining environment and we aim to help, train and empower our staff and provide them with a platform to become the next socially responsible entrepreneurs.

We support: Single mothers and women causes

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Opening hours: Sun-Thu, 5pm-12am | Fri-Sat, 5pm-1am