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Nature's therapy for the mind and planet

Community Garden

The Mindful Eco-Therapy Programme is a unique and enriching hands-on experience that combines the art of gardening with the practice of mindfulness, offering participants an opportunity to connect with nature, reduce stress, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. This program is designed for individuals who wish to harmonise their relationship with the natural world,

promote well-being, and create a tranquil oasis in their own backyard. 

Program Outline 

Introduction to Mindful Gardening

Growing your own Edible Microgreens

Creating your own Self-watering Pot

Creating your Bio-compost and Enzymes

Learning Outcomes

1. Grow their own edible microgreens, lead a sustainable life.

2. Find their inner purpose and a meaningful hobby during their golden years.

3. Use mindfulness technique to anchor in the present for enhanced well-being.

4. Apply mindful stress relief techniques that can be used anywhere any time, as daily practice.

For more information and to sign up for our Mindfulness programmes, reach out to us!

Join Social Innovation Park in co-creating a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world. 

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