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L.E.A.D with Mindfulness Webinar series

Social Innovation Park designed a 6-weeks long virtual webinar series from July 12, 2020 to August 02, 2020 for the 35 beneficiaries of the Community Development Council (CDC) in the age-group of 10-12 years. The objectives of the webinar series were to introduce participants to mindfulness and its application to different aspects – managing negative emotions and stress management. The webinar series encompassed the following themes:

  1. Introduction to mindfulness

  2. Mindfulness and emotions

  3. Mindfulness, loving and kindness

  4. Mindful movements through yoga

  5. Mindfulness and compassion

  6. Virtual drama focusing on emotions.

Based on the post-project survey, the key outcomes of the webinar series were as follows:

Key outcomes:

  1. A positive shift in terms of participant acceptance and awareness of emotions/stressful situations

  2. The older group shared some bullying experiences that have been flagged to CDC team

  3. Based on the survey results, 80% of students felt the practice of mindfulness helped them with stressful situations, negative emotions and also helped improve focus

If you’d like to learn more about SIP Academy’s mindfulness-based courses, drop us a note at

Testimonial from CDC:

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