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Farming Cultivates Your Well-being

How farming improves your well-being

To reduce Singapore’s reliance on international food chains, our country launched the “30 by 30” initiative in 2019 with the goal of producing 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030. As Singapore progresses, adopting alternatives such as locally produced food and embracing technology and innovation in our land-scarce situation, are some efficient ways to grow our leafy greens as more Singaporeans are venturing into indoor farming.

Most urban and community farmers share similar sentiments towards farming. When the circuit breaker was put into place, many Singaporeans turned to farming as an outlet to utilise their time on hand, where the payoff was a great idea. As it turns out, farming or gardening is one of the healthiest hobbies you can develop. Beyond just being self-sufficient, farming is also green therapy, guiding one’s physical and mental health positively.

Cultivates positive a mental well-being

Farming is an effective tool for one’s mental health. Farming can be a mood booster for many as it allows you to be mindful of the plants you are caring for and relieves you or whatever stress you had that day. Plants also provoke positive feelings that grant you a source of joy and satisfaction, especially during harvest. Research has also shown that farming increases creativity and inspiration; positively improves one’s mental well-being, as you are encouraged to acquire new knowledge and learn more about farming as well as be imaginative as you personalise your own garden that reflects your identity and preferences.

Promotes physical health

Not forgetting that the farming process also offers opportunities for increased physical activity. The size of your home garden will result in the intensity of light to moderate plant care to more vigorous workout such as soil digging and repotting activities. Working in your garden contributes to the physical exertion which is a better option than being a couch potato; more likely to get restful sleep at night after burning off energy.

Building a community

Other than investing in technology, innovation and commercial farming, the community element plays a very important part as well. With many community garden initiatives popping up, where both communities and government bodies work together as a collective, turning public spaces into food forests and edible gardens.

Like our SEED@SIP community partners, most community farming activities promote human interactions. Some of our farmers, volunteers and hobbyists are spurred to congregate regularly to boost their farming knowledge, at the same time build social relationships. Our farmers and friends help each other in farming, sharing practical farming tips as well as harvested fruits and vegetables. Creating a circle of sharing fosters a greater sense of joy in farming, it also encourages a more mindful way of living and personal well-being. Overall, farming invites you to get outside, meet other like minded friends, and take charge of your own needs for exercise, healthy meals, and immerse yourself in tranquil surroundings. Get started with our Mindful Farming course to learn how to grow your own foods!


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