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Creating a unique urban farm community that offers meaningful employment to seniors and residents.

Jackson, Win Sheng Art & Moulding Pte Ltd

Realising that horticulture is a platform that transcends all social strata and cultures, Jackson, owner of Win Sheng Art & Moulding Pte Ltd, recognises that nature provides benefits in many domains of life that serve to alleviate stresses and health issues. In this light, he shares Social Innovation Park’s social mission which advocates for sustainability and inclusivity. During his six years of urban farming at Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED), the husband and wife owners have hired around 10 employees who are mainly seniors and housewives.

Experience in calmness, kindness reciprocity and connectedness to nature are some of Jackson’s desires to use farming to improve the lives of others. From conducting farming workshops for local and international students, corporate groups, seniors and giving free lessons to underprivileged families, he believes there are many ways to help establish an inclusive society for all. By doing so, he hopes to reach out to the younger generation to understand the hardships faced by traditional farmers to get food on their table.

Through some collaboration projects with SIP, Win Sheng’s participants are equipped with basic gardening knowledge and useful skills, such as how to make plant-based soap and detergent which are healthier options for families. In addition, as the family and children get together on handmade things, such mindful activities help to center their thoughts and show greater appreciation for nature and its rich resources, as well as offering significant health benefits and cost savings in comparison to those bought off the shelves.

At his urban farm, one can find a myriad of greens such as organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. His team of experienced green-fingers has deployed several farming techniques including vertical farming, aquaponics and hydroponics, to harvest greens to appeal to various customers of different diet preferences. They go one step further by cultivating all-kinds of greens specifically at customer’s requests, in support of Singapore’s long-term goals of growing edibles locally, helping to reinforce sustainable environmental practices despite of their humble scale.

As most of us are increasingly retreating to indoors and air-conditioned spaces due to our modern conveniences and work-from-home new norms, Jackson has emphasized more than once the positive effects of farming in natural setting can slow down our pace to elevate cognitive function, physical fitness and community relationships, resulting in a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

“It brings me great satisfaction when folks who attend our workshops learn something new in their daily application of lives. Whether using natural enzymes to stimulate plant growth, enhancing one’s therapeutic knowledge, or maintaining a healthy body through the food we consume, all these activities are complementary to a healthy mind and body. I’m grateful for the opportunity to build this rustic green sanctuary in Punggol to serve residents and the community” he exclaims with joy.

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