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(CLASIC) of the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) curates social innovation projects

Social Innovation Park was privileged to have the team from Community Leadership and Social Innovation Centre (CLASIC) of Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), as well as our Social Investors visit us at Social Innovation Park this morning. Visitors were taken on a tour of our SEED farms, container restaurants and recreational activity spaces. The discussion was led by our Founder, Ms Penny Low, sharing how SIP has germinated a ground-up movement that incepted SEED with a diversity of social missions while fostering inclusiveness at both community and business levels. This involves entrepreneurs, hobbyists and individuals, as these aspiring entrepreneurs were given a space to showcase their innovation, and are willing to contribute both financially and sustainably, leading to a movement that contributes to the good of society through employment opportunities and community building. Professor Yaacob Ibrahim, Director of CLASIC shared that the centre curates and funds social innovation projects which aim to deepen SIT students’ understanding of societal needs, and leverage on the academic staff and students’ knowledge to enhance the quality of life of identified beneficiaries. Professor Yaacob cited the examples of the smart water meter design project, which has exposed students to the challenges of low-income households in rental flats, and how SIT students are helping to address the national challenge of recycling right by designing a receptacle to be distributed to all households in Singapore later in the year. The meaningful discussion concludes on a positive note with both organisations emphasizing the significance of playing a crucial role in promoting a more empowered community that strives for continual progression. Our visitors also had the opportunity to meet some of our partners, including Pylon City and @SGVenusFlytrap, who champion sustainability and inclusivity in their work. We look forward to more insightful dialogues and potential collaboration on educating and empowering individuals for the betterment of society. Read more about CLASIC here:



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