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What is SIP?

Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP) is an impartial, not-for-profit organisation based in Singapore that seeks to incubate changemakers across the 3P – people, public and private – sectors, to bring positive innovations to lives and societies, through cross-sector, high-impact collaborations.

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What’s happening at SIP?

Have you been to SEED (Social Entrepreneurship & Eco-Park Development) yet? It’s where food, farm and fun comes together! Besides 7 container restaurants which are themed according to individual social mission messages and different cuisines, there are farm plots showcasing eco-farming methods that are open to the public. Check out this video feature by Channel 8 about our SEED Park.

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Global Dignity 2019 with Global Indian International School (GIIS)

SIP conducted another Global Dignity session with 700 plus students yesterday a GIIS, SMART Campus - Punggol, Singapore. Many learned the difference between dignity and respect: Dignity being one’s self-worth and respect being the admiration for another person....

Global Dignity 2019 with PCF Sparkle Tots

SIP celebrated Global Dignity Day today with 50 curious and enthusiastic kindergarteners from PCF Sparkletots on 24th October 2019. The session started with a storytelling of a Dignified Friendship between a Prince and a Tiger. The children learned that they should...