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SIP Chapters

SIP Chapters

What is SIP?

Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP) is an impartial, not-for-profit organisation based in Singapore that incubates social entrepreneurs worldwide to bring positive innovations to lives and societies.

What’s happening at SIP?

Have you been to SEED yet? Did you notice the heavily stylised container restaurants along the riverside? All 7 container restaurants are part of SEED and are themed accordingly to an individual social mission message. Find out more about the messages they carry, the suspended meals concept and the fervent support for recruitment of marginalised individuals!

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“The first step toward greatness is to be honest.” This old proverb provided not only wisdom but the inspiration to a new project at SIP. Come find out how your honesty can contribute to our community. The Honesty Stall is located right outside our office on SEED Park.

Check out the food review by Kopi Folks!

13/05/2017 Wei Jing Tan A Guide to Punggol Cargo Container Bistro! The much talked-about Punggol Cargo Container Bistro is here! Located right beside Punggol Waterway Park, this is a place for you to chill and relax while immersing in the greens. This is the perfect...

Island Hunt: Container Eateries at Tebing Lane – NUYOU Magazine

NUYOU Magazine visited SIP's container restaurants to try out the fantastic food. Watch the short video below to learn what reporter Shi Min has to share! by SHI MIN Published on 11 May 2017 Pump Station Bar & Bistro...