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Read more about the container restaurant with a recycling and retro concept - Pump Station 1965.

A container restaurant with a recycling and retro concept, Pump Station 1965, is a bistro bar specializing in Asian fusion food. Jackson, the current owner of Pump Station 1965, is much well versed in the F&B industry, decided to take up the baton from founder Macs Fong. Fong, an ex-convict, was motivated to offer employment to others like him and help them get a second chance in life.

However, Jackson’s core passion lies in the dining experience. At age 14, while helping out in his family’s kitchen, he discovered his creative flair for experimenting with different ingredients and cooking techniques. He also realized that he cared deeply about how others were able to enjoy and appreciate his food. 28 years later, he has become a chef and owns multiple restaurants across the island – Pump Station 1965 being one of them.

Unlike Fong, who founded Pump Station 1965 with a social objective, Jackson took up the mantle as an experienced businessman and chef – not as someone with any background in social entrepreneurship. Despite doing his part for charity outside of work, Jackson had, prior to his involvement with SIP, kept his business dealings largely separate from his altruism.

However, having worked with SIP, Jackson has gradually been converted from a businessman into a social entrepreneur. With guidance from SIP, he has discovered that integral to his passion for providing food to others is a sense of commitment to community. Not only has Jackson preserved Fong’s legacy of empowering ex-convicts at Pump Station, he is also determined to open other restaurants throughout Singapore that similarly empower marginalized groups. “I feel that as a business owner, I have the ability to really uplift the disadvantaged by providing them jobs and I’d really wanted to expand on that,” said Jackson.

Jackson’s story proves that doing social good does not necessarily come at the expense of one’s existing interests. In Jackson’s case, he wants to continue to integrate social objectives into his business expansion plans for the future.”We want to hire more individuals from low-income families to work around here to emphasise on how we can return and contribute back to the society even more.” he stated.

“Because SIP works heavily with championing social missions, I have become more aware of different non-profit organisations that exist in Singapore and how I can contribute back to the society. If Pump Station can help social missions and it is within our means we will definitely explore that.”



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