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Ramadan Bazaar at SEED Container Park

Organized by D’Royal FG Empire, the vibes of old Geylang Bazaar raved from 1st June to 13th June behind our SEED Container Park. There were live singing, dancing and spontaneous participation from the crowd! The star performers include Altimet, Zee Isni, Anissul Asaad, Khai Bahar and Acong Sweet Child! Abg Ahmad Stokin was the Emcee throughout the event. Delicious food calls for long queues, and the hot favourites from everyone’s list was their freshly roasted Kebab, power Tahu Begedil, legendary Laksa, and refreshing Chendol!

Beyond the wonderful atmosphere in the park, the Vintage Ramadan Bazaar was put together by heroes behind the scenes – heroes who, against all odds, desire to bring people together to foster and forge greater bonds. Pretty sure that the memories, laughter, fun, and experiences that everyone took away with them, is simply priceless!



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