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Include Me, Possible?

“I’M Possible?” is an initiative set to explore society’s inclusivity of the visually impaired population and thus, the clever wordplay of “Include Me, Possible?”.

On 19th November, the probe became an affirmative “Include Me, Possible!” with over 100 participants spending their afternoons commuting blindfolded while crossing roads, boarding buses and trains with facilitators to empathise the problems faced by the visually-impaired.

SIP is privileged to have Education Minister and Second Minister for Transport Ng Chee Meng participate in this meaningful event. We also received warm support from various organisations and volunteers to make this event a success! Feedback sought from this experience will be considered for future policymaking, town planning, and system design.

Together with our SIP Champions Dr Yeo Sze Ling and Melissa Yeo, Guide Dogs Association of the Blind and Punggol Citizens’ Consultative Committee, SIP organised this event to generate greater awareness of the problems faced by the visually impaired as they commute and ultimately, the creation of a more inclusive society.

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