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“BusyHands”- created and led by Jody Ho is a group of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals

Helen Keller said, “Being blind was a handicap of mobility, being deaf, a handicap of human communication.”

“BusyHands”- created and led by Jody Ho since September 2008 – is a group of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals with artistic talents. Jody’s Masters in Special Education from Gallaudet University and textile printing design background turned BusyHands into an avenue for creative exploration and self-dignity.

Busy Hands’ group of artists and crafters have different specialities, ranging from multimedia, clay and beads to Chinese ink and watercolours.

PaTH market provides the opportunity for them to develop their craft through training workshops and market their art in retail booths with the assistance of volunteers. Now, they run a retail business, learn about merchandising and pricing, and communicate directly with customers by writing notes. With feedback and interaction, they continue to be encouraged by customers.

BusyHands’ dream is to expand their social circle and have deaf & hard-of-hearing persons from all over the world sell their items at PaTH market globally as well. All deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals are welcome to join BusyHands!



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