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Razor TV: Point Blank, 11 Nov 2008

  • The third and final instalment in the SIP series on Point Blank

  • Clips of Jet Li and Jim Rogers were aired as an introduction to social entrepreneurship

  • Interview began with Penny sharing her hitch-hiking experiences and what she has learnt from her travels. Having seen much poverty and homeless people, as well as buskers who were very talented but lacked a platform to display their skills, made her very reflective and contributed to her thinking about how she could capitalise on her vast network of contacts to bring about positive social change

  • Penny shared how PaTH uplifts individuals through providing a platform for them to sell their products, the network, as well as giving guidance on the business know-how (i.e. procurement and packaging etc.)

  • Clips were shown of Ms Judy Ho, Founder of Busy Hands, and S Roogmanny, Executive Director of ‘Friends of the Disabled Society’ who shared on how their lives have changed for the better thanks to PaTH and SIP

  • Ms Judy Ho shared on how she and her friends were inspired and encouraged by PaTH and SIP o   PaTH provided Judy and her hearing-impaired friends a platform to sell their handicrafts and ‘opened the door’ for themo   In addition, they also get feedback from their customers on how they can improve themselves

  • Ms Roogmanny spoke about how PaTH has given her disabled friends an opportunity to feel productive through the products that they make for sale