SIP Academy

SIP Academy envisions to be recognised as a thought leader in ‘mindset shift’ to help people and businesses realize their full potential for a mindful tomorrow. SIP Academy encompasses two programmes:

  1. L.E.A.with Nature for Students
  2. Mindful Leadership for Corporates

L.E.A.D with Nature for Students

A creative endeavour of SIP to provide a mindful-based and nature-influenced learning experience for children. It promotes cognitive and motor development, and equips them with the knowledge, skills and social values to prepare them for a healthy and purposeful future.

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Mindful Leadership for Corporates

Our Mindful Leadership programme seeks to help corporate leaders overcome the digital-age challenges of information overload and constant distractions through mindfulness practice. It focuses on the fundamentals of Mindful Leadership, including mindful communications, managing relationships, cultivating focus, stress reduction, and how be more innovative and effective leaders.

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