Pump Station 1965

Social Mission Message: Support Sustainable Living

We are: A container restaurant with a recycling and retro concept. Pump Station 1965 specialises in Asian fusion cuisine and offer more than 100 types of beverages which includes featured beer, speciality drinks and liquor. We are the only two-storey unit with a Volkswagen van prop, recycled wooden barrels and oil drums as furniture.

Why we’re here: Macs Fong, the owner, was an ex-convict as he was involved in fights during his younger days. Macs owns a container house in Thailand and it has always been his dream to have his own container bistro. Hence, when he learnt that SEED@SIP is a social playground that supports the Yellow Ribbon Project, he was immediately drawn to set up ‘Pump Station 1965’ to give back to society, by giving ex-convicts a second chance in life just like how other had given him one.

This is my impact: We built the premises with recycled materials to remind that everyone and everything has a second chance. This is also to motivate ex-convicts that they deserve a second chance too. 

We support: Ex-offenders and Low Income Families

Connect with us at: http://pumpstation.asia | Facebook | Instagram

Opening hours: Mon-Thu, 5pm-1am | Fri-Sat, 5pm-2am | Sun, 3pm-1am