SEED Playground

Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED)

Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED) seeks to be the first integrated social playground for the exchange, prototyping and showcasing of innovative and inclusive solutions to social challenges. SEED is a social enterprise and a social innovator hub for Asia and beyond, leveraging on SIP’s global network to build a robust and dynamic social innovator community.

F&B With Heart

The inclusion of 7 container restaurants in SEED was more than just to provide an F&B element in the park. It is in itself a prototype and showcase of a sustainability solution and a social business model. Being the first container restaurant enclave in Singapore, it shows how out-of-use shipping containers can find place in the daily lives of people through their culinary pleasures.

It is also the first time that entrepreneurs are given the platform to both embrace their passion for F&B as well as make their business model inclusive and impactful. Whether it is through offering jobs to the marginalized, raising awareness for sustainability or encouraging mindfulness, each container restaurant carries its own social mission, emblazoned on its unique design. They also offer sale of suspended coffees/tea and or meals to inspire kindness in everyday life through the simple concept of paying it forward.

Farms With Soul

Here’s “balik kampung” right in your Punggol neighbourhood! The SEED farming community is all about passion, sweat and dedication. Our farmers come from all walks of life but the one thing that bonds them is their love for nature and quest for sustainability. Our farm plots come in 200sqm (for corporate farms) and 50sqm (for community farms) sizes. Come visit the SEED farms to immerse yourself in the laid-back vibes, breathe in the smell of nature, and have a unique learning experience for the whole family.

Want to get your green fingers busy? To find out about adopting a farm plot, contact or just pop by for a friendly chat.

Recreation with Purpose

An educational playground right in your Punggol neighbourhood! The SEED recreational community is all about self-improvement and enjoyment.

Come visit the SEED recreational community to engage yourself in the land of self-improvement, enjoy the different activities available, and have a unique learning experience for the whole family.

Team-Bonding & Educational Workshops

Want to make your next workshop a truly memorable one? Whether it is for team-bonding, or stakeholder engagement, SEED offers you one-of-a-kind environment and experiences to learn, connect and be inspired. We offer indoor and outdoor experiences in one venue, revolving around our three core values of inclusiveness, sustainability, and mindfulness.

Unique Events Space

5,600 sqm of events space set in a unique environment, right smack in the heartlands, yet so close to nature. Whether it is a corporate function, community event, commercial market/fair, school activity, even a birthday party or wedding celebration, this is one space that your participants, guests and clients will remember you for.

Leasing Opportunities

A unique destination within the Punggol heartlands, situated right beside the Punggol Park Connector yet with Riviera LRT station a stone’s throw away, SEED has open and flexible green spaces that is hard to find in Singapore while still being easily accessible. If your innovative business idea is looking for a home, come check out SEED to understand its potential. Whether it is an urban farm, a social enterprise, education centre, entertainment, recreation or F&B, the possibilities are endless.

Email or call 9071 5387 to schedule a visit and a chat.

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