Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH)

Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH) is Singapore’s first social enterprise talent development platform. PaTH champions social entrepreneurship via the arts by developing creative PaTH talents from traditionally marginalized groups. Through the initiative, PaTH talents gain access to mentors, networks, and commercial sales platforms that give them opportunities to develop their talents to create a sustainable business venture.

When PaTH first started in 2006, we were the first to bring the flea market concept into shopping malls, with venue partners like Vivocity, Westgate and Somerset 313. We also brought Art with Heart and Gifts for Good to the masses. Through this platform, PaTH talents are empowered to gain economic independence and confidence, while the public are enhanced through the interaction with them and learning how their purchase gives back in a meaningful way.

We’re more than happy to talk about how you can partner us on PaTH, as an artisan, venue partner or a corporate sponsor. Please reach out to us at info@socialinnovationpark.org

We are in the midst of revamping our website. The information you see here may not be updated. For latest updates, please check out our Social Media!

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