Global Social Innovators Forum (GSIF)

The Global Social Innovators Forum (GSIF) is an initiative spearheaded by Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP). Launched in 2006, GSIF serves as a platform for social entrepreneurs and key leaders from the private, public and people sectors to share their innovative ideas and rich experiences on social entrepreneurship and innovation to a global audience and explore how social enterprise and innovation can create income and growth opportunities for all stakeholders. Through GSIF, SIP aims to build a network of thought and action leaders from around the world and support collaborative innovations that build a more inclusive, sustainable and better world.

GSIF Objectives


  • Influence thought leadership on social entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Build a knowledge bank of ideas and innovations to support social change


  • Enable leaders to create and support enterprises for sustainable social impact
  • Match cross-sector capabilities and resources to grow social enterprises


  • Recognise leaders who have significantly changed society for the better
  • Establish a global network of support to scale and replicate social innovation

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