We are a family of multi-skilled professionals coming together to be positive change agents for the society. Did we mention multi-talented? We have 2 guitarists, 3 dancers, botanist, outdoor trainer, occupational therapist, videographer, mechanic, scuba-divers… and the list keeps building because here, we are always learning new things.

Miss Lobang Queen – “She brings in the deals.”

a.k.a. Business Development, SEED

Mr Do-it-All – “He gets it done.”

a.k.a. Chief of Operations, SEED

The Plant Whisperer – “He gets any plant to grow.”

a.k.a Chief Farmer, SEED

Mindful Maestro – “She brings in the Ohmmm.”

a.k.a. Business Development, SIP Academy

Madame Cut-the-crap – “She keeps things in order.”

a.k.a. Office Chief

Miss Aesthetics – “She keeps the style in check.”

a.k.a. Social Media Marketing, Intern

Ms Help Me Help You – “She builds partnerships for what’s next.”

a.k.a Business Development, SIP

The Media Alchemist — “She keeps the content in check.”

a.k.a. Social Media Marketing, Intern