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Jennifer Correiro is a 27 year old Canadian taht started a worldwide wave with a social idea and the use of technology. TakingITGlobal is now a phenomenon – connecting people and providng platforms for social enterprises. Just how an idea that first struck her when she was 19, now evolves into an online thrust that benefits millions of people around the world ? THE ASPIRANT spent a heart-to-heart moment with her when she was in Singapore as an international guest speaker at the Social Innovators’ Forum 2007.

Energetic, charistmatic and bubbly Jennifer captured the attention of the audience at the DBS Auditorium and awed them with her witty replies. She accepted THE ASPIRANT’s offer of an interview during session break and started spilling the beans, “November 1999 was when it all started. It was a time that many referred to as the ‘Internet Bubble’, an era that launched thousands of web-based businesses and made many millionaires. It was also an era where novel ideas were tested and new initiatives welcomed. It was at that opportune time that I conceived an inspirational model of combining technology with the desire of young leaders to do good. There wasn’t something like that around so I thought it would be good if I started it. I was pleasantly surprised to find how such an idea that stemmed from a humble campus beginning became the most recognised online brand in social innovation.”

She takes IT global – The Aspirant Issue 5, 2008

Mar 26, 2007

She takes IT global – The Aspirant Issue 5, 2008

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