Why Mindful Leadership?

Mindfulness is the science of paying attention on purpose in a particular way, in the present moment, and non-judgementally. ~ Jon Kabit Zann

We live in a volatile world of unprecedented changes. In this “always-on” fast-paced era, you are bombarded with distractions from the moment you wake up. Emails clog your inbox, requests pile up, and notifications flicker in the background. Within moments, your attention is scattered. How do we overcome the digital-age challenges of information overload and constant distractions, especially as a leader? 


The growing need for Mindful Leadership in today’s world

This is where Mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness enables people to radically strengthen their ability to adapt quickly to evolving circumstances and ambiguous situations, and to increase the speed with which they learn new things. It creates mental agility and helps people look inward to find answers. Mindful leadership will thus help the new generation of leaders to restore trust in their leadership and to build sustainable organizations known for their harmony[1]. Mindful Leadership is about being aware of your motivation and the reasons you chose to lead.


Mindful Leadership: Leading from Within

A specially designed two-day workshop for Corporates and Educational Institutions on the fundamentals of Mindful Leadership including mindful communication, manage stress and relationships, how to cultivate focus and be more innovative and effective leaders.


Who is it for: Corporate leaders looking to gain a competitive edge by tapping on the benefits of mindfulness practice for themselves or their employees, applied in the corporate context.

What do you do: The curriculum encompasses content-based learning, interactive and experiential learning, group activities.

Where: Held at SEED@SIP, the social playground of SIP. A unique location in the heartlands yet close to nature.


Contact academy@socialinnovationpark.org | 6312 6200 for further enquiries.