What is L.E.A.D with Nature?

Learn. Experience. Act. Direct

A creative endeavour of SIP to provide a mindfulness-based and nature-inspired learning experience for children. The programme seeks to promote cognitive and motor development, as well as equip children with the knowledge, skills and social values for a healthy and purposeful future, through a series of indoor and outdoor workshops.


Our Core Values

L earn through the wonders of nature’s creation to stimulate cognitive development.

E xperience the beauty of nature and nurture a passion for life.

A ction-driven learning process to cultivate innovative thinking and creativity.

D irection of mindfulness practices to develop self-awareness, resilience, and focus.


Programme Benefits

  • Promotes physical, emotional and cognitive well-being
  • Improves attention and focus
  • Promotes conscious decision-making
  • Builds self-confidence and resilience
  • Improves ability to cope with stress
  • Promotes healthy social interactions
  • Builds mindful and purposeful leadership skills

Why L.E.A.D with Nature?

Our children today face greater challenges because of social heterogeneity and increased globalization. It is an exciting brave new world of scientific and technological advancements but the very technology has permeated our lives so much so it is impacting the social fabric of our society. Our children have a constant pressure to succeed amidst distractions from technology and social media demands.

L.E.A.D with Nature seeks to promote mindfulness practice via nature to help children unplug from technology and plug into the real world through nature. Research has proven time and again that time spent in nature provides irreplaceable benefits, including reduced stress, stronger immune system, stable mental health, improved eyesight and positive mindset, among others. All these benefits are enhanced by the mindfulness element incorporated into the programme. Best of all, there will be a specially designed children’s garden at SEED@SIP to host the programme.

We Bring Social Innovations to Life

A First-of-its-kind Up-cycled Sensorial Garden at SEED@SIP

Our sensorial garden has been created amidst nature to provide the varied sensory experiences for children to stimulate their five senses – sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. The synergistic processing of these senses is required to help children explore, learn, and interact with the environment around us. The uniqueness of the sensorial garden is the use of up-cycled materials while drawing inspiration from nature. It sits within SEED, our very own social playground where social innovations are brought to life.

Join us for our introductory 2-hour session for age group 3-6.


Please email any enquiry to academy@socialinnovationpark.org