SIP Empower For Good

The SIP-Empower For Good (SIP-EFG) programme is a workplace empowerment programme organised by SIP for ITE students and supported by J.P.Morgan. The programme aims to empower ITE students to become more workforce ready through 7 workshops and project-based group mentorship, over a period of 6 months. Each workshop consists of an interactive learning session, followed by a practical session to enable students to apply 21st Century technical, soft and industry skills to tackle real-life industry challenges.

The 7 Workshops cover the topics of technical education, employability and life skills, including:

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Industry Insights
  3. Career Resilience
  4. Project Management & Problem Solving Skills
  5. Interpersonal & Networking Skills
  6. Interview Techniques
  7. Presentation Skills

Each of the workshops are followed up mentorship guidance session to deepen the learning process.

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