Win Sheng Art & Moulding

We are passionate about organic and sustainable farming

We have: an entirely self-grown garden with a huge variety of plants and crops. We also conduct courses in landscape design and maintenance, DIY composting, hydroponics and aquaponics. Some of our courses are eligible under SkillsFuture programme (course code: CRS-N-0033146). We also conduct group tours and workshops for schools, corporates and seniors.

Why we’re here: We love nature and we are a family of green fingers. We believe working with plants is a natural healthy therapy for the body and soul. We want to spread this love and knowledge to more people.

This is my impact: We educate the public, create jobs / volunteer opportunities in food and farming and enhance learning through nature. We do outreach by engaging the young and seniors.

Connect with us: Come visit our farm! Bring the whole family along for a wholesome and educational experience.

Contact: Wendy Sim (9823 0324) for enquiries on courses or email


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