Knowledge Quest

Growing Hearts, Greening Lives

Who we are: Beyond tuition. That’s what Knowledge Quest is about. Learning Should never be a chase for grades, but a lifelong quest for knowledge. We want to teach life lessons beyond classrooms, nurturing their respect for nature. Nature is the universal language that transcends generation.

By providing a common ground that the young, old and vulnerable can come together, we strive to balance worldly pursues and appreciation for nature. 

Why we’re here: We want to facilitate learning through nature and interactive activities bridging the young, youth and old through an inter-generational learning activity space.

This is my impact: Growing inquisitive minds and greening lives of the young, the old and the vulnerable. Through interactive activities, we engage the young, old and vulnerable, developing meaningful conversations and relationships.

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Contact: Ms Zhuang – 9226 8781 | Mrs Tan – 8322 5067 |

Opening hours: 1pm-9pm

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