ACAM Aquaponics

We specialize in aquaponics

We have: a self-assembled aquaponics system that is a closed loop ecosystem growing vegetables and fishes. We conduct aquaponics farming lessons for individuals, groups and families, as well as WDA courses. We can also help develop aquaponics systems for homes, schools, companies.

Why we’re here: We are passionate about this revolutionary way of growing food; not only is it a most productive form of agriculture, it also reduces waste and pollution. It is the perfect example of a self-sufficient living machine. We set this farm up at SEED@SIP as an educational showcase to let more people learn about this beautiful and sustainable way to grow food.

Connect with us: Come visit our farm! Bring the whole family along for a wholesome and educational experience. Catch us featured on Channel 8’s Morning Express Show here.

Contact: Edmund Sim (9720 1373) for enquiries on workshops or courses.