Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED)

Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED) is the first integrated social playground for exchange, prototyping and showcasing of innovative and inclusive solutions to social challenges. SEED is a social enterprise and a social innovator hub for Asia and beyond, leveraging on SIP’s global network to build a robust and dynamic social innovator community.

Container Restaurants with Social Mission Messages

SIP’s creation of its 7 container restaurants in SEED was to encourage social entrepreneurs with a passion for F&B business to make their business model inclusive yet impactful in delivering a mindful difference that sustains. They are committed to making the “insignificant”, “significant” – through offering jobs to the marginalized.

Each container restaurant has its own distinct design which carries their own unique social mission message and offers sale of suspended coffees/tea and or meals to inspire kindness in everyday life – paying forward. A simple act of kindness can brighten someone’s day, or even save a life as patrons of these restaurants pay a meal forward to feed any person who needs a meal, coffee or tea.

Pump Station 1965; ‘Support Sustainable Living’

Boost@Banks; ‘Strengthen Communities’

Leung Kee Healthy Dessert; ‘Live Mindfully’

Big Fish Small Fish; ‘Promote Inclusivity’

Seoul Good; ‘Inspire Positive Change’

L’Chaim Bistro; ‘Enable Equal Opportunity’

D Grill; ‘Celebrate Diversity’

Community Farming

Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables? Or are you looking for a laid-back kampung style escapade with your family? What about having a day out at the farm with your team? Adopt a farm plot at SEED today!

Community Farm Plots

Area: 50sqm

Rate: From SGD175/month*

Commercial Farm Plots

Area: 200sqm

Rate: From SGD700/month*

*Terms and conditions apply. Feel free to call us at 6312 6200 or email to schedule viewing of the plots with us.