Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH)

Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH), an initiative of Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP), is Singapore’s first social enterprise talent development platform. PaTH champions social entrepreneurship via the arts by developing creative PaTH talents from traditionally marginalized groups. Through the initiative, PaTH talents gain access to mentors, networks, and commercial sales platforms that give them opportunities to develop their talents to create a sustainable business venture.



PaTH@VivoCity is where PaTH talents showcase their art and sell their handicrafts. It is in operation at VivoCity, a major shopping mall in Singapore, on every first and last weekend of the month from 11:00am to 10:00pm.




As an extension to the PaTH@VivoCity, PaTH partners 313@somerset in bringing PaTH Talents greater exposure to the commercial market. PaTH@313somerset provides an avenue for the development of Social Enterprises. For more information, please visit www.popandtalenthub.com or email to info@popandtalenthub.com LIKE us on facebook for latest update. Click here!