Mindful Living Webinar Series – Thriving Beyond


Social Innovation Park launched an eight-part webinar series titled – Mindful Living: Thriving beyond COVID-19  from May 18, 2020, to June 11, 2020, as an effort to help build a supportive and fostering environment/platform for people and communities to thrive in difficult situations. The webinar series helped individuals seek as well as share knowledge on topics relevant for personal as well as professional development. The live series was anchored on the theme of mindfulness and encompassed the following key areas – Stress/crisis management, relationship management, effective communications for businesses, wellness under the overarching theme of Mindful living.

The webinar series received 133 registrations and overall feedback from participants was positive and encouraging based on the live poll conducted at the end of Mindfulness, Leadership and Eco-therapy sessions. The below participant testimonials are also a testament to the program effectiveness.

The webinar series was facilitated by experienced speakers Ms Michell Wong, Mr Michael Griffin and Ms Oilian Han who shared their domain expertise in the areas of mindfulness, leadership and eco-therapy respectively.

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