Lead with Nature – PCF Sparkle Tots Sembawang

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On 7 May 2019,  Social Innovation Park had another LEAD with Nature session with PAP Community Foundation PCF Sparkletots Sembawang. Through the facilitated activities, children get to:

– Learn through the wonders of nature’s creation
– Experience the beauty of nature and nurture a passion for life
– Action-driven learning process to cultivate innovative thinking and creativity
– Direction of mindfulness practices to develop self-awareness, resilience, and focus

Seeing how nature light up the children’s eyes, making them curious at everything they come into contact with, got the adults excited as well! Curiosity is a precious gift. It is the wellspring of creative thinking, imagination, and development. Cultivating and nurturing a child’s creativity allow them to grow up to be a passionate learner and leader.

Here are some photos of our children while they were learning with nature. Nature always has a way to spark that curiosity within us and inspire us with creativity. No adult is too old for nature!

Here’s a little twist this time! We got all the children to partner with their parents for the station games! What a great team each pair makes!

Annnnnnd, it’s a wrap! All ’em happy faces say “Cheeseee”

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