L.E.A.D with Nature with GIIS

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It was a great honour to conduct 2-days of L.E.A.D with Nature for Gobal Indian International School (GIIS) on the 19th & 20th of August. The programme aims to effect a positive mindset shift among students to do good, instill a sense of empathy and duty towards the community, encourage ownership and inspire students to be positive changemakers in the society. With such curious minded students, eager to learn and ready to engage with our activities, the event was considered a huge success!


Below are some photos of the students at the respective stations:

Station 1: Mindful Tea-Drinking
Students get to experience the core values of mindfulness: attention, awareness and acceptance.

Station 2: Mindful Farming
Students get to learn and execute the stages of farming: preparation of soil, sowing, adding manure, planting, harvesting, and simply appreciate what nature has to offer 🌱

Station 3: Mindful Treasure-Hunt
Students are involved in creative thinking, problem-solving, innovative thinking and leadership.

To find out more about L.E.A.D with Nature collaboration opportunities, feel free to email to academy@socialinnovationpark.org

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