Social Innovation Park took part in the virtual international seminar hosted on October 29, 2020, by the National Park City Foundation in partnership with World Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar. The event sparked innovative solutions supporting sustainability by connecting like-minded people & organizations across the globe who have been contributing actively to the cause. Social Innovation Park was invited to share on the topic, ‘Innovating with sustainable mindful living‘ – aligning with our 3 core values – Mindfulness, Inclusiveness and Sustainability.

A wide range of innovative & sustainable plans was shared, from urban diversity & green recovery to trail running & repair cafes. Learning about how sustainability has been incorporated into businesses and communities on a global scale was inspiring and humbling. Ms Sandhya Kaimal, our head of SIP Academy, highlighted that  “Innovating with Sustainable Mindful Living” is a demonstration of our efforts to bring social innovations to life and societies through our organization Social Innovation Park,  a Singapore-based non-profit social enterprise with a vision to co-build a more inclusive, sustainable & mindful world. She further added that SIP is not only an organization but a movement for change supported by different platforms such as Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED), SIP Academy, Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH) and Global Social Innovators’ Forum (GSIF).

With the key topic in mind, she opened her speech introducing our Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED) Urban Farms,  an integrated social playground for exchanging, prototyping and showcasing of innovative and inclusive solutions to social challenges. It a unique ecosystem showcases inclusive eco-farms and eco-restaurants nestled in the heartlands of the city. The eco-farms provide opportunities for urban farmers, social enterprises and social entrepreneurs to share their passion, living their missions with green innovations, experimenting new methods and contributing meaningfully through sustainable agriculture.

Sandhya highlighted the eco- restaurants a showcase of upcycled shipping containers whereby every business adopts a social mission to help our community in different ways. The restaurants provide inclusive employment opportunities to individuals from marginalized communities. She further shared that the unique playground is supported by SIP Academy, a knowledge hub, that offers an  amalgamation of nature & mindfulness  influenced workshops and its application across leadership, social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

On top of that, the international audience learnt more on SIP Academy’s signature programme – L.E.A.D with Nature, where the programme curriculum incorporates nature into mindfulness to support children and youth to cultivate a positive mindset and prepare them for a purposeful tomorrow. The Academy also conducts Mindful Leadership programmes for Corporates to cultivate mindfulness and effective leadership. Our urban farms are creatively utilised to carry out the activities.

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Our organisation’s focus on social entrepreneurship was further elaborated with the introduction of the remaining two platforms: PaTH & GSIF. PaTH is Singapore’s first social enterprise talent development platform, and has developed talents from traditionally marginalized groups by helping them gain access to mentors, networks, and commercial sales platforms. The latter is a platform for the 3Ps (people, public, private) sectors to exchange knowledge & ideas in social innovation and foster collaborations. GSIF has held various forums where distinguished leaders and experienced personnels across the globe come together and exchange innovative solutions and collaborate.

She concluded that all the platforms contribute to the mother platform Social Innovation Park to co-build a more inclusive, sustainable and mindful world through high-impact, sustainable and cross-sector solutions to social needs. The programmes are also carefully curated based on our 3 core values as highlighted above. She invited the audience to partner Social Innovation Park and reach us via to contribute meaningfully to co-create a better world.

You can also catch the live recording of the event here:

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