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Channel 8 News Featuring SEED@SIP

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《8频道新闻》- 社会创新园餐厅农场生意好转 低潮期不忘服务社会






农场业者芬迪说:“我大部分收益大约八成来自上门客户,因为顾客都喜欢亲自触摸赏花,我们必须调整将业务搬上网,利用低潮期整顿和美化农场 运送和包装盆栽。”





Businesses at Social Innovation Park’s Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED) Improved after Circuit Breaker Ended, Not Forgetting Social Good Despite Economic Downturn


With the end of circuit breaker and the gradual relaxation of social distancing measures, Social Innovation Park’s SEED began regaining their business momentum and customers. The restaurants and farms at SEED adjusted their business structures to comply with the new social distancing measures imposed due to the COVID-19 situation. In addition, SIP’s SEED is looking at launching a new café with a special business model that provides individuals with special needs the opportunity for employment and training.

Even though there is a growing crowd at SEED’s restaurants during the night and businesses have been improving since phase 2 of reopening, business still has not fully recovered.

Restaurant manager, Tan Ai Ping, mentioned: “(Business) has not fully recovered, about 70-80% of our business has recovered. Despite the huge reduction in dine-in customers, our promotions and discounts for our takeaway orders have greatly helped the business, attracting more customers.”

Currently there are 19 farm plots under SEED’s ‘Farms with Soul’, allowing different communities to cultivate and grow plants. Of the 19 farm plots are 6 corporate farm plots.

One of the corporate farm owners, Fendi said: “Majority of my sales, about 80% are from walk-ins, because most customers would like to touch and see the plants. We had to adapt and go online, so we used this downtime to actually organise our space and make it look aesthetically nicer, do our deliveries and packing of plants.”

Tenants of the SEED must directly or indirectly support a social cause. For example, certain tenants were able to take this opportunity, during COVID-19, to collaborate with schools and introduce classes that teach students how to regulate their emotions through plant cultivation. The restaurants that were shown earlier had also donated over 1000 meals to families in need.

SIP Board of Director, Wong Pei Shan said: “Recently, we are looking at launching a new inclusive training café, in hopes that this café can be used as a social platform. This is to provide individuals with physical disabilities or special needs, an employment or training opportunity.”

SIP has also hosted webinars to maintain engagement with their community, of which their webinars taught how to effectively work from home (WFH), and how to cultivate plants, also allowing their community farmer to share her experience on selling plants online.

Channel 8 News Featuring SEED@SIP

Oct 05, 2020

Channel 8 News Featuring SEED@SIP

Newsroom | 0 comments

Channel 8 News Featuring SEED@SIP

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Newsroom | 0 comments

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