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December 9, 2020 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Social Innovation Park to co-host the Mindful Leadership Segment in the Asia 21 Virtual Summit to Examine Life After the Pandemic

Social Innovation Park is privileged to be co-hosting the Mindful Leadership: Leading through & Beyond COVID-19 crisis workshop during the 2020 Annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit alongside Asia Society, held on 9 Dec 11am SGT / 8 Dec 10pm ET.

Register here to join us for the summit workshop, which is open to the public.

Relevance of Mindful Leadership in Life after the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has in a few months, redefined our work culture; entrenched us in new social norms; and put to test leadership. Clarity and focus in this world of insecurity are increasingly demanded of people and leaders.

Remaining anchored, connected and mindful of our decisions in a rapidly changing world have a far more wide reaching impact on creating a sustainable society going forward. In this session, we will explore: How do we come together to transform ourselves into “Mindful Leaders”? How do we re-engineer our inner mind for a better world?

In line with the 2020 Asia 21 Virtual Summit theme “Life After the Pandemic: Building Sustainable and Resilient Futures”, we seek to understand the benefits of mindful leadership in crisis management, and seek to form a movement to co-create a mindful leadership community for the greater good.

Mindful Leadership in the 2020 Annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit

The annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, which will open on Sunday 6 Dec 10 pm ET / Monday 7 Dec 11 am HKT, marks the first time being held virtually and is free and open to the public, since its launch in 2006 to examine innovative ways to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

Mindful leadership is especially high on the agenda, amidst the conversations in re-building a sustainable society going forward post COVID-19, where we call for a transformation of leaders to join a community of “mindful leaders” and re-engineering of inner minds for a better world, as we reflect
upon our experiences through the pandemic.

The mindful leadership workshop, will be featured among over 20 sessions spanning different time zones and geographies over two-and-a-half days, focused on the Summit’s theme. Participants will identify collaborative strategies to tackle the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic from public health to education, climate change to the arts, and much more.

More about Asia 21 and the Annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit

Established in 2006, the Asia Society Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative is the Asia-Pacific’s foremost young leaders’ network of diverse change-makers under the age of 40, united by a shared commitment to making their communities and the world a better place. Created to promote mutual understanding and effective collaboration among the next generation of leaders, the Asia 21 network comprises nearly 1,000 influential individuals from a wide variety of professions including politics, business, arts, media, and the nonprofit sector, representing over 40 countries and regions.

Asia 21 provides a catalytic platform where young leaders form lasting relationships and enrich each other’s endeavors through mutual learning, collaboration, and a shared commitment to values-based leadership and public service.

The annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit brings together these dynamic young professionals to generate creative, multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. Through workshops, special Asia 21 “Action Labs,” and leadership masterclasses, delegates develop imaginative ways to address Asia’s most pressing issues and innovative approaches to solving global challenges.



December 9, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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