AMED’s Cultural & Educational Journey with SIP

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On the 21st of May, SIP conducted a cultural & educational journey for Advancement of Micro Enterprise Development (AMED). The team arrived at Social Innovation Park early in the morning, to learn about social entrepreneurship and social enterprises in Singapore. We shared how mindfulness drives SIP as an organisation, and just to give an introductory preview to our Mindful Leadership workshops, the team experienced a time of mindfulness-tea session with our facilitator. It was a time of immersing and appreciating the present moment – with tea freshly made and harvested from our SEED farms!

It was followed by a tour around SEED Park to learn about the social missions each of our vendors had incorporated into their business model. The team then traveled to ArtSE, a social enterprise by Goshen Art Gallery. They learned how ArtSE curates unique art experiences and workshops for kids and adults, including people with disabilities and special needs.

Lunch was served and hosted at an award-winning restaurant chain and franchise company in Singapore: Eighteen Chefs. Co-founded by Benny Se Teo, he provides training and employment to ex-convicts.

Wrapping up, it was an eventful cultural and educational journey! We were glad that all of our visitors from the Philippines had enjoyed themselves and brought home something meaningful with them!

Below are some photos 🙂

Social Innovation Park (SIP) launched
Social Innovation Park (SIP) is

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