SIP @ Asia’s Consumer Sourcing Expo 2019

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It was SIP’s honour to be support 5 social enterprisespart at the 9th edition of the Asia Consumer Sourcing Expo (ACE) 2019, held in conjunction with the Singapore-China International Consumer Electronics. There were 300 – 400 exhibiting companies and a showcasing of over 3,000 latest product types all under one roof!

SIP supported 5 social enterprises at the Asia’s Consumer Sourcing Expo (ACE) 2019. Our social enterprises had not only gained exposure to commercial networks and markets but also valuble experiences.

A special shoutout to our youngestsocial entrepreneur, Darren Ng, from SGVenusFlytrap, who introduced his carnivorous plants and shared his story with the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI), Mr Roland Ng when he visited SIP’s booth!

Featuring our vendors in action!

Tea Ideas,, SGVenusFlyTrap, theSuperBlessed, Skinship

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