Pre-Forum Welcome Dinner at SEED@SIP | 27th April 2018

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We had the honour of hosting a pre-forum Welcome Dinner at SEED@SIP for our speakers and co-organizers of the 15th ASEAN Leadership Forum, many of whom had just flown over to Singapore for the event the following day. They did not know what was in store for them but all gamely took up the challenge of a dining-in-the-dark experience!

It was a “first-of-its-kind” experience for most of them and we hope it helped them to gain a deeper understanding towards the visually impaired and what it’s like to navigate in the dark. We were also greatly inspired by the sharing of Dr. Yeo, a long-time friend of SIP and a visually impaired research scientist. May we all learn from her tenacity, resilience and the hope she carries towards life, appreciate what we are blessed with, and strive towards doing good!

The dining-in-the-dark programme is one of the experiential programmes SIP offers to educate people on inclusivity, and is customizable for corporate, school or public programmes. Contact us to find out more!




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